Customised Tailoring & Fabrics


Apart from having the usual factory made in finished condition and standardised sizes garments, and the made-to-measure garments, we also specialize in bespoke clothing i.e. we customize garments as per individual needs and demands. It is crafted and patterned for an individual.


Any accessories for the uniforms, such as aprons, belts, pins or scarves are mandatory as all of the employees should be in unison for the crisp team look. We have a wide range of accessories that will just accentuate the entire look of your uniform.


We understand that the appearance of a garment is greatly influenced by the fabric used, we also know that not all fabrics are suitable for all garments, so we not only provide you with the best quality fabric but also help you choose the perfect fabric for your garment. We realise one cannot create a good apparel without the perfect fabric; hence we offer you a wide range of fabrics from different brands to choose from.