Solve your School Uniform Design Dilemmas

Solve your School Uniform Design Dilemmas

The design of your school uniform is one of the most important components in the formation of the school identity. The challenge while choosing the designs for your school uniform is that it should get identified as a school uniform at the first sight itself. Here are some of the tips which can help you in guiding your school uniform manufacturers in choosing the right design for your uniforms.

The most preferred designs for your school uniforms:

All plaid everything!

The plaid print is used worldwide for uniforms and is the best fit prints for school uniforms.
The density of the plaids can vary according to the colors and styles that you choose for the uniform. Plaids have been a design which holds timeless identification as the uniform prints and you can never go wrong with plaids.

Plaid plus Plain:

Plaid pants/skirts paired with plain skirts and vice versa serve as a great combination when you want your school uniform to hold an easily recognizable look. The students’ preferences are also taken into consideration while deciding the uniform and this is one of their most loved uniform designs.

Let the Logo do the talking:

A simple yet effective design for your school uniform is to use the logo of your school as the prominent design element. You can either have a minimalistic look by placing it at the top right or create a spotlight impression by having it at the center of the uniform in an enlarged size.
It can either be embroidered or printed but in the case curation of an enlarged logo, going with the latter is a better option.
This will highlight the significance of your school identity and generate a great recall value.


Well, you can always count on stripes as one of the ideal uniform designs. Not only does it represent discipline but it is also a visually appealing design which makes it a highly interesting option to choose for uniform designs.

3 things to remember while choosing the prints for your school uniform:

1. It should generate a good recall value:

Your uniform is the strongest representative of your school, hence, it is important to make sure that the school uniform manufacturers design your uniforms in a way that it contributes to the recall value of your school and makes your school recognized.

2. The design should be easy to the eyes:

Sometimes, the high density of plaids and stripes tend to make the design of the uniform heavy.
When such designs reflect your eyes, it becomes a little heavy on the eyes. It is hence, preferable to have designs and colors which are simple yet significant.

3. The design and colors should appeal to the students and at the same time also be disciplined:

Doesn’t every school envision that their students should be proud of being a part of their school? The school uniform plays a very important role in building their pride for the school. Hence, while choosing the designs and colors for the school uniform, the student’s choices should also be taken into consideration. But at the same time, the school authorities should ensure that it imparts the values of discipline and does not get too funky.

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